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My name is Bri Poehler and I am a wedding videographer located primarily in the Denver Metro area, but am willing to travel! I love all things outdoors, working out, music, and Jesus! My faith drives a lot of the work that I do and I love getting to love on people on their wedding days! I enjoy getting to know couples and their stories and being able to capture their long awaited wedding day in a way that they can always look back and enjoy.

It is such a fun way to be reminded of the love we have in our own lives and it is my pure joy to tell that story for others. I would love to be considered to capture your wedding day! 

Life is beautiful. Let's Capture it.


my own love story.

My husband and I started dating when we were 13 and dated for 9 years before we finally got married. Our long walk of waiting to be able to spend forever together is a memory that I get to re-live every time I film a wedding. I am reminded of the pain and heartache of distance, but the beauty of weddings is getting to see the love that has overcome that pain and heartache; the love that is willing to commit to a lifetime of ups and downs; the love that it takes to lay down your life for another; and that, is a beautiful thing to capture. Every. Single. Time. 

The photo is my hubby, Zac,and our son, Judah. 

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How much coverage do I need? 

The amount of coverage you need depends on your timeline for your wedding day and what you value the most in your film. In my opinion, having the videographer for the same time as your photographer makes the most sense and creates the most full film of your day. The reason being that I stick with your photographer all day and we do everything together so it makes it easiest if were thwere at the same time!  

How does music work in my film?

Ahh yes. Music. One of my favorite questions. I wish that I could just put whatever song you'd like in your film, but the world makes it much more complicated that than with copyrights, licensure, etc. So, I have a subscription to a site called MusicBed, which is basically a glorified sound cloud that has music from many different artists of all different kinds that I am able to use in your film. I am always SUPER open and ask my couples what kind of music they want in their film and sometimes I even send samples of songs for you to choose from, if that is something you'd like. I want you to love your film and the music plays a big role in that. I love input from couples about their vision to make sure our visions align! 

What kind of gear do you use?

I LOVE my gear. I am a canon girl, tried and true. So you'll see me sporting a Canon R3 + Canon R body, a Canon 50mm prime lens, a Canon 85mm prime lens, or my telephoto 70-200mm. For Super 8, I have a Canon 310xl, she's a beaut, if I can say so myself. I shoot handheld to really achieve the 'in the moment look'. I also have a DJI MavicPro 2 to capture some sick drone footage of the world. F0r audio, I use lav mics on the groom and officiant, and sometimes the bride, if the dress permits. I also have a Zoom H1N to plug into the sound board of the DJ or the speaker for speeches and ceremony sound. I carry some LED lights to make sure the room is not too dark for your reception. And I use a fanny pack to store all my SD cards, spare batteries, chapstick, and tissues. 

What if I think my future spouse and I are awkward on camera? Should we have a film?

SOO many couples fear that they are too awkward, camera shy, or never take pictures. My response to this fear is always this: You may feel awkward on a regular basis on camera, BUT your wedding day is different. There is so much emotion on your wedding day that you will likely be weirded out by all the cameras around you for maybe the first 5 minutes of us being there, but then you will not even notice it. You will be so caught up in "all the feels" especially post ceremony during your couple's portraits that it will look so genuine and authentic on camera. The goal is to capture your love for each other, which is usually overflowing from you both after the ceremoy that it makes my job easy. I may give you a few pointers here and there, but let's be real: we are our own worst critics. So if you can put that aside and just love on your honey, you will be fine! 

One shooter or two?

The majority of my films are filmed solo. I started off doing them that way and got pretty good at it. I can run back and forth between the getting ready groups if you are at the same venue or do a drop by before arriving to the ladies to get some manly footage at an alternate location. BUT. I will say, my second shooters are worth every penny. Having multiple angles, two people who are devoted to capturing every little second of your day is worth it. It helps with set up of gear for the ceremony while other stuff is still going on, it allows for reception footage to be captured without missing couples film, and much more. I can do it solo, but a second shooter is worth it. So it is up to you! 

What do I do if I am interested in booking? What should I expect?

If you are interested in booking, here is what that process looks like. You will submit the inquiry form on the "contact" page of my site. 

Then I will get back to you and if I have your date open, I'll send over a brochure of my packages for you to look at. We will chat from there, either in person, over the phone, over zoom or over email (whatever suits your preference) and decide which package makes the most sense for your vision and make any necessary tweaks. Next, you'd sign a contract and pay a deposit to book your day! This is followed by a long radio silence up until about a couple months before your wedding day. At that point I would reach out with a questionnaire for you to fill out that will give me all the details I need for your day. We'll touch base a couple times from there and then, I'll come film your wedding day and make some magic happen! Within a month from your wedding day you will get an instagram short to make the wait feel shorter. Finally, depending on what package you booked, you'll get your finished film! YAY! 




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